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AFCCC presents at Rome Montreal Protocol session

31st Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol
Rome November 2019

The fight against food loss and wastage in the cold chain has gained considerable new ground as a result of AFCCC Chairman Mark Mitchell's presentation at this top level international forum in Rome.

Mark was invited by Australia's Department of the Environment to deliver a cold chain presentation at the Montreal Protocol meeting in Rome, held at the impressive United Nations Food and Agricultural Organsation (FAO) building. His presentation focused on identifying issues in the cold chain and implementing improvements.

His presentation was in conjunction with Dr Greg Picker's presentation on the lastest food loss and waste survey recently completed by the Expert Group, authors of the Cold Hard Facts reports in Australia.

The duo made valuable new contacts from the high profile audience on behaf of AFCCC. The FAO motto resonated with Mark as he entered the building – 'Fiat Planis' = 'let there be bread'.

Around one third of all the food produced for consumption around the world is either lost or wasted and food loss mainly occurs in developing countries where 821 million people still suffer from chronic malnutrition.

The Montreal Protocol and its Kigali Amendment have raised awareness about the need to develop sustainable solutions in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector to address the demand for air-conditioning systems for human comfort and cold chains for the preservation of food and vaccines.

Ministers and experts discussed how to address food loss by putting in place sustainable cold chains that include pre-cooling, refrigerated storage and refrigerated transport.

Read the presentation prepared and delivered by AFCCC Chairman Mark Mitchell