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Importance of packaging, packing, stacking and wrapping

November 2020

The online audience at the recent Australian Packaging Conference was told of the importance of airflow in refrigerated transport, emphasising that where there is no airflow, there can be no refrigeration. AFCCC chairman Mark Mitchell and Executive Director Dr Greg Picker covered what AFCCC sees as the challenges facing the cold food chain in their presentation at the conference, organised by the Australian Institute of Packaging.

Uppermost was the challenge of airflow and the role in plays in product temperature compliance. They stressed that packaging, packing, stacking and wrapping were four different things, but each could block airflow sufficiently to negate convection and introduce conduction. If this happens, the efficiency of good refrigeration is compromised.

...and the AFCCC duo could not resist this closing challenge – 'Before we land on Mars in 2030, surely cold chain logistics must be capable of allowing refrigerated air to flow through a secured carton of food in a truck? If solutions are sitting in a dark corner somewhere, then could someone please shine the light?'