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Food wastage makes it onto the G20 future agenda

1 July 2019
The Leaders' declaration released at the end of the G20 meeting of world leaders in Japan on 29 June 2019 included an encouraging reference to food waste as an issue to be taken seriously in the future. While the words seem limited, it is an encouraging sign for future work on food waste, if only at a domestic level to start with.

Here is the declaration that appears under Agriculture 25:
In order to achieve food security and improve nutrition for the growing world population, agricultural productivity needs to increase and distribution needs to be more efficient, including by reducing food loss and waste, in a way more compatible with the sustainable management of natural resources. To this end, we highlight the importance of access to and utilization of existing, new and advanced technologies, such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics among others, and encourage cross-sectoral collaboration among stakeholders. We also encourage innovation, skills training and lifelong education for all, in attracting new entrants and empowering youth and women in the agro-food sector. We recognize the importance of developing sustainable, science-based and resilient agro-food value chains, in an inclusive and equitable manner, including family farming and small scale farmers, which will also contribute to revitalizing rural areas. We emphasize the need for continued and enhanced information sharing and research collaboration to respond to existing and emerging animal and plant health issues. We will further encourage voluntary exchange of good practices and knowledge towards more sustainable agrofood sector.