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Food waste fighters unite under new banner

The two key organisations spearheading the Australian fight to end food waste, Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and Stop Food Waste Australia are coming together under a new brand 'End Food Waste Australia'.

The AFCCC has worked closely with these organisations for the past five years, and welcomes the new entity and its programs to halve food waste in Australia by 2030 in line with the National food Waste Stragegy and United Nations goals.

The new entity's CEO, Dr Steven Lapidge said that under its new a cohesive brand, public communication will be enhanced and collaborations will be stronger.

Through the founding organisations which are now merging, Australia has developed one of the world’s largest public-private partnerships dedicated to ending food waste. Achievements thus far include comprehensive research into consumer food waste behaviours and identifying technologies for transforming unavoidable food waste into new resources.