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To advocate for and advance innovation, compliance, waste reduction and safety in the Australian food cold chain for a better and sustainable world.


  • Strive for continuous improvement in food quality in the supply chain
  • Assist industry to eliminate temperature abuse to achieve food loss and waste reduction covering manufacturing, storage, transport, retail and consumer sectors
  • Add value for all involved in the cold chain by actively sharing knowledge and experience
  • Apply AFCCC resources and knowledge to educate and support initiatives by governments, associations and kindred groups that share the desire to reduce the environmental impact that growing and supplying food is having on the globe and to work efficiently and cooperatively with all authorities
  • Promote the improvement of cold chain transparency and processes by working with and collaborating with all sectors of the cold chain to develop codes, professional skilling programs and other initiatives
  • Offer technical advice to Governments, primary production organisations, food manufacturers and distributors to achieve a better understanding of all elements of the cold chain, particularly critical control points.