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AFCCC key address at Horticulture Supply Chain Workshop

Horticulture supply chain workshop – Brisbane 5 September 2019

The AFCCC was invited to present an overview of the current state of the food cold chain in Australia, together with an introduction to some of the guiding principles and requirements necessary for its improvement. AFCCC Chairman Mark Mitchell prepared and delivered the presentation which was well received and triggered positive feedback. Mark noted that the feedback was quite astounding about getting the cold chain right.  It was obvious that the problem is certainly on top of the list for quite a few stakeholders in horticulture. Clearly a compliant cold chain is being demanded as an essential tool to build Australia's' horticulture produce as a premium brand, and if the industry doesn't pursue a compliance regime, it will lag behind others, and risk continuing food loss and waste.

Read the AFCCC presentation prepared and delivered by AFCCC Chairman Mark Mitchell