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Victorian Food Waste Strategy presentation

AFCCC executive director Dr Greg Picker took part in the Victorian Food Waste Impacts and Opportunities Webinar in April 2020, and the slides from the webinar are available. (or click on the image below)

As a result of the Webinar, Sustainability Victoria will take these next steps:

  1. Life cycle analysis will be completed by Edge Environment & Life Cycles.
  2. Data gathering interviews will be conducted to fill data-gaps and refine LCA. If you have data to contribute to this project (based on foods selected for assessment), please contact Tim Grant ([email protected]). Please note that due to project timeline we may not have the chance to incorporate all data resources and will have to prioritise our time to ensure the best outcomes for the project.
  3. Workshop to present LCA findings, identify food waste “hotspots”, and identify and prioritise solutions to reduce food waste (Mid-May). This workshop will be the primary opportunity for your input and feedback. The focus of the workshop will be a discussion of the waste ‘hotspots’ through the supply chain and possible opportunities to mitigate these hotspots. In this session, we will present data from the life cycle analysis currently being completed and will refine and prioritise the solutions required to reach our target. We will send out workshop materials in advance to make sure we the time we have as effectively as possible. In the meantime, if you begin to start gathering information on potential solutions to reduce food waste, including impact and costs of those solutions, this would be fantastic.
  4. Final webinar to present and discuss impacts and opportunities analysis (Late June). In this session, we will present the final draft report.